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Goals and Objectives


▪ Facilitate a potential attitude shift towards studying
▪ Assist in the development of college level study skills and habits
▪ Promote academic self-efficacy
▪ Prepare student for academic rigor
▪ Aid students in practicing goal driven behavior and persistence
▪ Provide academic advocates who will assist in students’ development throughout their tenure

Residential and Social:

▪ Promote ownership of responsibility of living alone

▪ Assist students in refining the tools to make social connections

▪ Provide emotional support
▪ Support and encourage a feeling of Lehigh community and pride
▪ Expose students to leadership opportunities

Students will leave the program with:
▪ Knowledge of what it takes to be successful both academically and socially here at Lehigh
▪ Healthy connections to fellow members of the program
▪ Become familiar with and have the ability to state campus resources
▪ Beneficial relationships with current Lehigh student-leaders
▪ Interested in getting the inside track on how to be successful